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    Lithium batteries are widely used in everyday life due to their ability to provide excellent performance and long charge life.

    There are mainly two types of lithium batteries on the market:
    Lithium Metal Batteries contain metallic lithium, are NOT rechargeable and have a higher energy density.
    Lithium Ion Batteries do not contain metallic lithium and are considered more stable over time, commonly used in smartphones, tablets, computers and notebooks.

    Lithium batteries belong to CLASS 9 Miscellaneous dangerous goods and are classified as:
    • UN 3090, Lithium Metal Batteries (when shipped alone);
    • UN 3480, Lithium Ion Batteries (when shipped alone);
    • UN 3091, Lithium Metal Batteries contained in or packed together with a device;
    • UN 3481, Lithium Ion Batteries contained in or packed together with a device


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