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    OVERPACK offers a wide range of packagings which are suitable to the Dangerous Goods management, UN approved for all transport modes, based on the Regulations ICAO/IATA, ADR, RID, IMDG, both available on stock and customizable on demand, as per the single business needs: UN approved 4D and 4DV plywood boxes, UN approved 4G and 4GV fibreboard boxes, certified fibreboard boxes for lithium batteries, for Limited and Excepted Quantities, packagings for infectious and biological substances, temperature controlled transport, and many other possibilities.

    Adhesive hazardous labels and panels, designed and produced in compliance with the technical required standards / hazard pictograms, which provide information on the damages that a particular substance or mixture can cause to our health or to the environment / tilt and shock indicators for the monitoring and the checking of the movements during the shipment.

    Wooden packagings, giving the possibility of realising optimum solutions, custom-made for any need, to develop the most suitable project.

Dangerous Goods Packaging Catalogue - Overpack srl

All our wooden packagings comply with ISPM15-FAO Phytosanitary Standard.

OVERPACK offers more than one thousand items, always on stock, to satisfy whichever need of movement of materials and of specific packaging for protection.

Wide range of products with a 24 h delivery.