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    Dangerous Goods transport is subject to specific Regulations, which have been internationally established.

    The knowledge of the product and of its transport mode is mandatory for a management which wants to be in compliance with such Regulations in the classification, the packaging, the marking and labelling of the material itself, in order to grant its safe delivery to destination.

    OVERPACK has at disposal a wide range of packagings which are suitable to the Dangerous Goods transportation, UN approved for all transport modes, both available on stock and customizable on demand, based on the single business needs: UN approved fibreboard boxes and plywood boxes, certified fibreboard boxes for lithium batteries, Limited and Excepted Quantities, overpacks, packagings for infectious and biological substances, temperature controlled transport, plastic and metal jerrycans and drums, absorbent material and certified polyethylene bags.


Furthermore, we have at disposal the necessary documentation to effectuate a transport complying with the Regulations and hazardous labels and panels, which differ based on the class and the general nature of the hazard of the product itself.