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    OVERPACK has at disposal adhesive hazardous labels, which have been designed and produced in compliance with the Regulations for the Dangerous Goods transportation ADR – IATA/ICAO – IMDG/IMO – RID.

    The sizes are per package (applicable on fibreboard boxes, plywood cases, metal drums, plastic jerrycans, wrapped pallets, etc.) or per container (applicable on vehicles, tanks, special compartments).

    OVERPACK offers furthermore hazard panels, both neutral and with the possibility of indication of the relevant UN number (all UN numbers are available).

    Our adhesive labels and panels are designed and produced in compliance with the technical standards which are required by the Regulations for the Dangerous Goods transport and are available in fast adhesive with resistance in sea water which exceeds 90 days, in compliance with the Regulation IMDG Code (as per technical data sheet to be downloaded).


In addition, hazard pictograms are at disposal, which provide information on the damages that a particular substance or mixture can cause to our health or to the environment, as per the agreement GHS “Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals” implemented by the European Board through the Regulation CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging).

Tilt and shock indicators for the monitoring and the checking of the movements during the shipment are supplied as well.